Waste collection process

  1. Presentation of a valid Hungarian address card for data recording purposes.
  2. Information on the type of waste to be delivered to the personnel handling the waste yard.
  3. To deliver the waste to the weighing point as instructed by the staff handling the waste yard. (Resident does it alone.)*
  4. Unloading of waste on the balance sheet to determine quantity. (Resident does it alone.)*
  5. After the consideration has been carried out, the disposal of waste in the appropriate collection container as directed by the waste receiving personnel.(Resident does it alone.)*
  6. In the case of unloading from a package, weighing an empty package.
  7. Clean up any waste that may have been spilled during unloading. (Resident does it alone.)*

* The resident is responsible for the waste delivered by him, therefore the waste yard can only provide assistance if this is necessary for the safe movement of the waste reception.

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