Data of the Sellye hulladékgyűjtő udvar

Sellye hulladékudvar

Current news


Dear Customers!
The waste yard will be closed on 15 (Friday), 29 (Friday), 30 March 2024 (Saturday) and 01 April 2024 (Monday)!
Thank you for your understanding!

Waste yard data

Telephely neveSellye hulladékgyűjtő udvar
Telephely címe7960 Sellye, 062/1 hrsz.
Telephely alapterülete1286 m²
Telephely felületeconcrete
Telephelyen egyszerre fogadható jármű 2
Várakozás helye at the gate

Our staff

Colleague of the waste yard management Sánta Ottó

Opening hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 7:50 - 11:00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 11:00 - 16:00
Saturday 08:00 - 11:30 On the 4th Saturday of each month
Sunday Closed

Contact information

Site phone +3630/435-4762 (You can only call during opening hours!)
Central customer service phone number +3672/805-410
Central customer service email address

List of disposable waste


Status Explanation
Yes The waste can be dropped of. There is free capacity in the reception area.
No Waste may not be disposed temporarily. The reception area is full!
Waste designation - quantitative restrictions Waste with quantitative restrictions.
Click on the name of the waste for a detailed description.

Sellye hulladékgyűjtő udvar (7960 Sellye, 062/1 hrsz.)
Hazardous waste Non-hazardous waste
Waste designation Disposable? Waste designation Disposable?
Lead-acid batteries Yes Plastic packaging, metal packaging and composite Yes
Discarted electronics - heat exchangers (refrigerator, air conditioning) Yes Other plastics (hard plastics, garden furniture, toy, etc.) Yes
Discarded electronics - Solar panels Yes Discarded electronics - electronic cable waste Yes
non-Li-ion batteries Yes Discarded electronics - flat-screen TV with picture tube Yes
Antifreeze - quantitative restrictions Yes Discarded electronics - household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, stove, oven, etc.) Yes
Waste oil - quantitative restrictions Yes Discarded electronics - PCB Yes
Fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs Yes Discarded electronics - PCB-less Yes
Paints, varnishes, adhesives, resins (dangerous) - quantitative restrictions Yes Discarded electronics - image-tube display Yes
Empty paint cans (containing dangerous substances) - quantitative restrictions Yes Discarded electronics - electric motors Yes
Empty oil bottles (containing dangerous substances) - quantitative restrictions Yes Construction waste - quantitative restrictions Yes
Pesticides - quantitative restrictions Yes Cooking oil frying fat(dish other ad) Yes
Solvents - quantitative restrictions Yes Wooden packaging waste (wooden crate, crate, pallet) Yes
Propellant bottles, spray - quantitative restrictions Yes wood waste, furniture Yes
Toner - quantitative restrictions Yes Other metal waste (all metal that is not packaging) Yes
Tyres - quantitative restrictions Yes
Bulky waste - quantitative restrictions Yes
Paper and cardboard packaging waste Yes
Paper and paperboard (newsprint, office paper) Yes
Clothes Yes
Glass packaging waste Yes
Green waste - quantitative restrictions Yes